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Marcelo Viscarra Senior editor

Yahoo! Messenger 6.0 is a free application that allows users to communicate with other online users located in different parts of the world in an easy, safe and fun way. It also incorporates special functions such as listening to the radio, gaming with the contacts, weather information, personal calendar planning, new e-mail notifications, contact sign in notifications, expressing emotions using emoticons while chatting, interaction with contacts using a web cam, and other functions that help users to have a fun experience while communicating with family or friends in distant locations.
Its tabbed interface provides the novice and experienced users with a quick access to contacts, news, weather, and more. If you want to enjoy these and other advantages that Yahoo! Messenger 6.0 offers, you just have to download the installer and in few seconds the program will be ready to be used, you only need to have a Yahoo! Email account, which is free and can be quickly created at Yahoo!’s official web page.


  • Allows multi-conferencing (several users at the same time).
  • Video conferencing.


  • Poor interface compared to others in the market.

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  All comments (98)
  • 14
    nova 2 months ago

    Please open my Yahoo Messenger chat.

  • 1
    Javad697 Last year

    The most well-known messenger ever. It's not gonna be the same ever, the developers gotta do something about it.

  • 2
    Guest Last year

    Yahoo is the best part of my life.

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